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In a recent Business Insider survey of 104 teens nationwide, only 2% of Gen Zs said that cable is their most-used choice for video content. Nearly a third said YouTube is their most-used source for video content, and 62% say streaming excluding YouTube, including Netflix or Hulu, is their most-used. See this story, “We asked 100 teens how they watch television.”


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Facebook and Google have been a virtual duopoly controlling the advertising business. Traditional media companies were the big losers. Now other plays are muscling in.   See this article, “How media companies lost the advertising business.”

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Television advertising spending is shifting to digital, but slowly. See this article, “The big picture: TV advertising is slowly going digital”. 


See this article on “How Streaming Saved the Music Industry”. But will the streaming revival last?


As the chart illustrates, Facebook has had tremendous success selling personalized ads over the past few years. In 2017, the company accounted for 20 percent of the global online advertising market, second only to Google, arguably the one company sitting on an even larger trove of personal data.


In the movie industry, critical acclaim and commercial success often don’t go hand in hand. As the chart above illustrates, most Best Picture winners of the past ten years didn’t sell nearly as many tickets as the respective year’s biggest box office hit. The last true blockbuster to win the Oscar for “Best Picture” was the third and final part of Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, which raked in $1.1 billion at the box office worldwide.

The App Economy

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The App Store has more than two million apps and many third-party developers have made a fortune building apps for Apple’s mobile ecosystem. As the chart above illustrates, iOS developers have earned more than $86 billion since the App Store’s inception in 2008, the starting point of what has been the gold rush of the early 21st century.