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Facebook is now a powerful gatekeeper for the news industry, which has given the social network tremendous clout over publishers. On the uneasy relationship between publishers and Facebook, see “Facebook gives, but continues to take more from publishers.” 



See this article, “Streaming and the slow death of the classic film.”

Social Media Stars: Paid Per Post

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Government regulators are starting to crack down on social media stars getting paid for posting brand adverts on Instagram, Twitter and other online networks. See this story, “Social media stars face crackdown over money from brands”.  See alsoCelebrities are in trouble with the FTC for their Instagram posts“. 

Rebecca Black achieved instant web fame in 2011 after her self-produced viral hit ‘Friday’. See this article, “How Rebecca Black parlayed online infamy into a YouTube career”. Also see this article on teenagers who become famous on the internet: “No stardom until after homework.”

Six years after “Friday”, Rebecca Black has resurfaced. See this Billboard article, “Rebecca Black unveils debut album”; and also, “Rebecca Black’s ‘Heart Full of Scars’ Proves She Can Make It Through Anything”. 

Celebrity and Fame

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Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 13.45.04The laws of economics have a major impact on celebrity and fame. But do market forces alone determine who becomes famous? Do we measure “fame” by the amount of money celebrities earn?

Some magazines, like the Forbes Celebrity ranking, publish annual lists of famous people with their earnings. Today celebrities are emerging online without going through traditional “gatekeepers” like movie studios and music labels. See “New Breed of Online Stars Rewrite the Rules of Fame”.

Social media is now a huge driver of celebrity (see chart below). For how much celebrities get paid on social media, see “Here’s how much celebrities make in the Instagram product placement machine” and “Endorsed on Instagram by a Kardashian, it is Love or Just an Ad?” 

China has a celebrity culture that is virtually unknown in the West. The Chinese government censors celebrity news and bans information about celebrities who use drugs. See “Chinese censors have a new target: celebrity news” and “China bans stars who have used drugs from national media”. 

For background reading on the economics of fame, see the Introduction to Tyler Cowen’s book What Price Fame?


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A century ago anti-trust laws broke up industrial giants in America. Is the same fate inevitable for Silicon Valley giants like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon? See this story, “There’s blood in the water in Silicon Valley”. 

Millennials Must-Have Apps

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