Digital Killed the TV Star

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In 2017, worldwide digital ad spend finally beat TV. Digital ad spend reached $209 billion worldwide while TV ad spend stood at $178 billion this year. And the upward trend in digital ad spend is likely to increase, reaching a possible $348 billion in 2022, while TV could stall.


Google and Facebook Duopoly

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Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 13.18.47 According to the Financial Times, Google and Facebook are set to attract 84 per cent of global spending on digital advertising, excluding China, in 2017, underscoring concerns that the two technology companies have become a digital duopoly. See the article here: “Google and Facebook dominance forecast to rise.”

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Sites like Vox, BuzzFeed and Mashable once seemed poised to overtake their peers in print. No longer. See this article in The Economist: “Digital news outlets are in for a reckoning.”

News Business: Has Facebook Won?

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Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 10.28.21 This article argues that Facebook has won, news organizations can no longer do without the social network. The article then asks the question: “What repercussions will this voluntary servitude have for the daily operations of newsrooms?” See here for the article: “Is media’s dependence on Facebook an unavoidable sacrifice on the altar of digital transition?”

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Ebook Pricing Around the World

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chartoftheday_6361_ebook_pricing_n In theory ebooks should be much less expensive than printed books simply due to the rule of marginal costs. Are ebooks too expensive? See the chart above and this analysis: Ebook pricing around the world. 

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